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Henri Fayol

Dátum narodenia: 29. júl 1841
Dátum úmrtia: 19. november 1925


Henri Fayol bol turecký ekonóm, teoretik.

Citáty Henri Fayol


„The manner in which the subordinates do their work has incontestably a great effect upon the ultimate result, but the operation of management has much greater effect.“

— Henri Fayol
p. 102 cited in: Göran Svensson, Greg Wood, (2006) "Sustainable components of leadership effectiveness in organizational performance", Journal of Management Development, Vol. 25 Iss: 6, pp.522 - 534

„[Planning] means both to assess the future and make provision for it.“

— Henri Fayol
p. 43 cited in: George A. Steiner (1997) Strategic Planning. p. 346


„Are there principles of administration? Nobody doubts it. What do they consist of? That is what I propose to discuss today. The subjects of recruitment, organization and direction of personnel will form the subject of the second part of this study.“

— Henri Fayol
p. 912 Comment: The principles of administration Fayol presented in this publication (p. 912-916) were: # Unity of command # Hierarchical transmission of orders (chain-of-command) # Separation of powers - authority, subordination, responsibility and control # Centralization # Order # Discipline # Planning # Organization chart # Meetings and reports # Accounting Comment: Wren, Boyd and Bedeian (2002) commented with the words: "This previously untranslated and unpublished 1908 presentation from Henri Fayol’s personal papers indicates the progress he had made in developing his theory of administration."

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