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Alphonse Allais

Dátum narodenia: 20. október 1854
Dátum úmrtia: 28. október 1905


Alphonse Allais bol francúzsky spisovateľ a humorista.

Citáty Alphonse Allais


„First communion of chlorotic young girls in the snow.“

— Alphonse Allais
Title of an entirely white painting exhibited at Expositions des Arts Incohérents 1884-5 organised by Jules Lèvy. See wikipedia on chlorosis, a form on anemia. Also cf. the later "white paintings" by Robert Rauschenberg.


„Funeral March for the Last Rites of a Deaf Man.“

— Alphonse Allais
A piece consisting of 24 empty bars. See the score in this [ essay by Larry J Solomon on John Cage].

„To leave is to die a little, but to die is to leave a lot.“

— Alphonse Allais
A pun on the first verse of the poem Rondel de l'adieu by Edmond Haraucourt.

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