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Kathy Sierra

Dátum narodenia: 1957

Kathy Sierra je americká autorka technologických publikácií.

„Aktualizujte svojich používateľov, nie produkty. Hodnota nie je ani tak o veciach samotných ako o veciach, ktoré ju umožňujú. Nezlepšujte fotoaparáty - ale fotografov.“

„It's not what you know, it's when you know it.“

„Make people better at something they want to be better at.“

„a name, like javax. swing (a package that holds some of the Swing GUI classes you’ll learn about soon). ArrayList is in the package called java. util, which surprise surprise, holds a pile of utility classes. You’ll learn a lot more about packages in Chapter 17, including how to put your own classes into your own packages. For now though, we’re just looking to use“ Head First Java

„For a subclass outside the package, the protected member can be accessed only through inheritance.“ OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804)

„useful thing about a File object is that it offers a much safer way to represent a file than just using a String file name.“ Head First Java

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