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Gene Roddenberry

Dátum narodenia: 19. august 1921
Dátum úmrtia: 24. október 1991

Gene Roddenberry bol americký scenárista a producent. Najznámejší je ako tvorca sci-fi Star Trek. Je jedným z prvých ľudí pochovaných vo vesmíre.

Citáty Gene Roddenberry

„A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away.“

„Reality is incredibly larger, infinitely more exciting, than the flesh and blood vehicle we travel in here. If you read science fiction, the more you read it the more you realize that you and the universe are part of the same thing. Science knows still practically nothing about the real nature of matter, energy, dimension, or time; and even less about those remarkable things called life and thought. But whatever the meaning and purpose of this universe, you are a legitimate part of it. And since you are part of the all that is, part of its purpose, there is more to you than just this brief speck of existence. You
are just a visitor here in this time and this place, a traveler through it.“

„Ancient astronauts didn't build the pyramids. Human beings built the pyramids, because they're clever and they work hard.“

„t is important to the typical 'Star Trek' fan that there is a tomorrow. They pretty much share the 'Star Trek' philosophies about life: the fact that it is wrong to interfere in the evolvement of other peoples, that to be different is not necessarily to be wrong or ugly. Gene Roddenberry“

„Náboženství není nic víc než náhražka za selhávající mozek.“

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