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Francisco Goya

Dátum narodenia: 30. marec 1746
Dátum úmrtia: 16. apríl 1828
Ďalšie mená:Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes,Francisco J. de Goya y Lucientes,E Lucientes Francisco José Goya


Francisco Goya, celým menom Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes bol španielsky grafik a maliar.

Citáty Francisco Goya


„Imagination without reason produces impossible monsters; with reason, it becomes the mother of the arts, and the source of its marvels.“

— Francisco De Goya
quoted by Albert Frederick Calvert, in Goya; an account of his life and works; publisher London J. Lane, 1908; as quoted in Francisco Goya, Hugh Stokes, Herbert Jenkins Limited Publishers, London, 1914, pp. 355-377 Goya wrote this inscription upon a later copy of the etching-plate Capricho no. 43


„As I am working for the public, I must continue to amuse them.“

— Francisco De Goya
letter to his friend Don Martín Zapater, c. 1784; taken from Francisco Zapater y Gomez : Goya; Noticias biograficas, Zaragoza, 1868, La Perseverencia, p. 58

„Always lines, never forms. Where do they find these lines in Nature? Personally I see only forms that are lit up and forms that are not, planes that advance and planes that recede, relief and depth. My eye never sees outlines or particular features or details...... My brush should not see better than I do. [Goya, in a recall of an overheard conversation]“

— Francisco De Goya
conversation of c. 1808, in the earliest biography of Goya: Goya, by Laurent Matheron, Schulz et Thuillié, Paris 1858; as quoted by Robert Hughes, in: Goya. Borzoi Book - Alfred Knopf, New York, 2003, p. 176 probably not accurate word for word, but according to Robert Hughes it rings true in all essentials, of the old Goya, in exile

„[the painting 'Yard with Lunatics' shows].. a yard with lunatics, and two of them fighting completely naked while their warder beats them, and others in sacks; (it is a scene I witnessed at first hand in Zaragoza).“

— Francisco De Goya
letter to his friend Bernardo de Iriarte, 7 Jan, 1794; as quoted by Jane Kromm, in The art of frenzy, 2002, p. 194 [] The painting 'Yard with Lunatics' (Spanish: Corral de locos) is a small oil-on-tinplate painting completed by Goya between 1793 and 1794; Goya says here that the painting was informed by scenes of institutions he witnessed in his youth in Zaragoza

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