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Arnold Schönberg

Dátum narodenia: 13. september 1874
Dátum úmrtia: 13. júl 1951


Arnold Schönberg bol rakúsky skladateľ, jeden z najdôležitejších zjavov hudby 20. storočia.

Citáty Arnold Schönberg


„Market value is irrelevant to intrinsic value.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
Context: Market value is irrelevant to intrinsic value. … Unqualified judgment can at most claim to decide the market-value — a value that can be in inverse proportion to the intrinsic value. "An Artistic Impression" (1909) in Style and Idea (1985), p. 190

„I see the work as a whole first. Then I compose the details.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
Context: I see the work as a whole first. Then I compose the details. In working out, I always lose something. This cannot be avoided. There is always some loss when we materialize. But there is compensating gain in vitality. As quoted in an interview with José Rodriguez (c. 1936) in Schoenberg‎ (1971) by Merle Armitage, p. 149

„I have just read your book [On the Spiritual in Art] from cover to cover, and I will read it once more. I find it pleasing to an extraordinary degree, because we agree on nearly all of the main issues..“

— Arnold Schoenberg
In a letter to Wassily Kandinsky, 18 Dec. 1911; as quoted in Schönberg and Kandinsky: An Historic Encounter, by Klaus Kropfinger; edited by Konrad Boehmer; published by Routledge (imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informal company), 2003, p. 15-16 note 49

„My works are 12-tone compositions, not 12-tone compositions“

— Arnold Schoenberg
Stuckenschmidt, Hans Heinz. 1977, in Schoenberg: His Life, World and Work; translated from the German by Humphrey Searle. p. 349.


„... if it is art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
from New Music, Outmoded Music, Style and Idea (1946); as quoted in Style and Idea (1985), p. 124

„I am delighted to add another unplayable work to the repertoire.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
On his Violin Concerto (Op. 36), as quoted in Schoenberg‎ (1971) by Merle Armitage, p. 149

„I believe that he (Strauss) will remain one of the characteristic and outstanding figures in musical history. Works like Salome, Elektra and Intermezzo, and others will not perish.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
Arnold Schoenberg, (1946); as quoted in A Schoenberg reader - Documents of a life, edited by Joseph Auner, Yale University Press 2003, page 316-17

„My work should be judged as it enters the ears and heads of listeners, not as it is described to the eyes of readers.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
As quoted in an interview with José Rodriguez (c. 1936) in Schoenberg‎ (1971) by Merle Armitage, p. 143


„There are no more geniuses, only critics.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
"Those Who Complain about the Decline" (1923), in Style and Idea (1985), p. 203

„I was never revolutionary. The only revolutionary in our time was Strauss!“

— Arnold Schoenberg
Schoenberg, Arnold. 1975, in Style and Idea: Selected Writings of Arnold Schoenberg. Edited by Leonard Stein, with translations by Leo Black. p. 137

„Now we will throw these mediocre kitsch-mongers into slavery, and teach them to venerate the German spirit and to worship the German God.“

— Arnold Schoenberg
Arnold Schoenberg, in a letter to Alma Mahler, 1914 (after the outbreak of the First World War); as quoted in [ "Impressions of War"] by Philip Clark, The Gramaphone, 4 August 2014 Schoenberg's quote regarding: 'the bourgeois tendencies of musical reactionaries such as Stravinsky and Maurice Ravel'

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