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Theodore Dreiser

Dátum narodenia: 27. august 1871
Dátum úmrtia: 28. december 1945

Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser [Drajzr] bol americký prozaik, novinár a dramatik. Patrí medzi predstaviteľov naturalizmu.

„To, že žena nežiarli na svojho muža, ešte neznamená, že nie je žiarlivá. Len žiarli na mužov iných žien.“

„Láska môže byť šťastná, ale nikdy však veselá. Veselosť je prejavom ľahkovážnosti.“

„Keď nemáme úspešnú minulosť, nie je to dôvodom k tomu, aby sme nemali úspešnú budúcnosť!“

„Láska je niečo omnoho vážnejšie než len úvaha.“

„Ten z manželov, ktorému lichotia lichôtky, miluje menej.“

„Žena ťa môže potešiť, ale nikdy uspokojiť.“

„Manželstvo, to je pre ženu zázemie jej tela.“

„Človek sa môže cítiť šťastný s každou ženou, ak ju len obdivuje.“

„People in general attach too much importance to words. They are under the illusion that talking effects great results. As a matter of fact, words are, as a rule, the shallowest portion of all the argument. They but dimly represent the great surging feelings and desires which lie behind. When the distraction of the tongue is removed, the heart listens.“ Sister Carrie

„Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean.  Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.“

„Many individuals are so constituted that their only thought is to obtain pleasure and shun responsibility. They would like, butterfly-like, to wing forever in a summer garden, flitting from flower to flower, and sipping honey for their sole delight. They have no feeling that any result which might flow from their action should concern them. They have no conception of the necessity of a well-organized society wherein all shall accept a certain quota of responsibility and all realize a reasonable amount of happiness. They think only of themselves because they have not yet been taught to think of society. For them pain and necessity are the great taskmasters. Laws are but the fences which circumscribe the sphere of their operations. When, after error, pain falls as a lash, they do not comprehend that their suffering is due to misbehavior. Many such an individual is so lashed by necessity and law that he falls fainting to the ground, dies hungry in the gutter or rotting in the jail and it never once flashes across his mind that he has been lashed only in so far as he has persisted in attempting to trespass the boundaries which necessity sets. A prisoner of fate, held enchained for his own delight, he does not know that the walls are tall, that the sentinels of life are forever pacing, musket in hand. He cannot perceive that all joy is within and not without. He must be for scaling the bounds of society, for overpowering the sentinel. When we hear the cries of the individual strung up by the thumbs, when we hear the ominous shot which marks the end of another victim who has thought to break loose, we may be sure that in another instance life has been misunderstood--we may be sure that society has been struggled against until death alone would stop the individual from contention and evil.“ Sister Carrie

„How true it is that words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean. Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.“ Sister Carrie

„How true it is that words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean.“ Sister Carrie

„Art is the stored honey of the human soul.“

„Love is the only thing you can really give in all this world. When you give love, you give everything.“ Short Stories

„The most futile thing in this world is any attempt, perhaps, at exact definition of character. All individuals are a bundle of contradictions - none more so than the most capable.“

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