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Laurence Olivier

Dátum narodenia: 22. máj 1907
Dátum úmrtia: 11. júl 1989
Ďalšie mená: Lawrence Kerr Olivier, Sir Laurence Olivier

Sir Laurence Olivier bol britský režisér, herec, dramatik a divadelný manažér. Bol jedným z najvýraznejších a najznámejších britských divadelníkov 20. storočia, ktorý sa celosvetovo preslávil najmä ako výrazný predstaviteľ hlavných postáv z divadelných hier a ich filmových adaptácii britského národného klasika Williama Shakespeara.

„Kedysi sa filmové herečky chceli stať hviezdami. Teraz je viac filmových hviezd, ktorým by neuškodilo, keby sa stali herečkami.“

„Acting is illusion, as much illusion as magic is, and not so much a matter of being real.“

„[the only acting advice he would give] What is acting but lying and what is good lying but convincing lying?“

„Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an adult.“

„[in 1979] You must have - besides intuition and sensitivity - a cutting edge that allows you to reach what you need. Also, you have to know life - bastards included - and it takes a bit of one to know one, don't you think?“

„The office of drama is to exercise, possibly to exhaust, human emotions. The purpose of comedy is to tickle those emotions into an expression of light relief; of tragedy, to wound them and bring the relief of tears. Disgust and terror are the other points of the compass.“

„I don't know what is better than the work that is given to the actor - to teach the human heart the knowledge of itself.“

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