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Juan Gris

Dátum narodenia: 23. marec 1887
Dátum úmrtia: 11. máj 1927
Ďalšie mená:José Victoriano González-Pérez


José Victoriano González–Pérez , známejší ako Juan Gris, bol španielsky maliar a sochár. Väčšinu života strávil vo Francúzsku. Jeho dielo je úzko späté s kubizmom.

Citáty Juan Gris

„Cézanne made a cylinder out of a bottle. I start from the cylinder to create a special kind of individual object. I make a bottle — a particular bottle — out of a cylinder.“

— Juan Gris
Response to questionnaire circulated to the Cubists by Amédée Ozenfant and Le Corbusier, editors of L'Esprit Nouveau # 5 (February 1921), pp. 533-534; trans. Douglas Cooper in Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Juan Gris, His Life and Work (1947)


„No work which is destined to become a classic can look like the classics which have preceded it. In art, as in biology, there is heredity but no identity with the ascendants. Painters inherit characteristics acquired by their forerunners; that is why no important work of art can belong to any period but its own, to the very moment of its creation. It is necessarily dated by its own appearance. The conscious will of the painter cannot intervene.“

— Juan Gris
Quote from 'On the Possibilities of Painting,' lecture, Sociétés des études philosophiques et scientifiques pour l'examen des idées nouvelles, Sorbonne, Paris (1924-05-15), printed in the Transatlantic Review, # 16 (June 1924), pp. 482-488; trans. Douglas Cooper in Horizon, # 80 (August 1946), pp. 113-122

„Cubism is not a manner but an aesthetic, and even a state of mind; it is therefore inevitably connected with every manifestation of contemporary thought. It is possible to invent a technique or a manner independently, but one cannot invent the whole complexity of a state of mind.“

— Juan Gris
Response to a questionnaire, from "Chez les cubistes," Bulletin de la Vie Artistique, ed. Félix Fénéon, Guillaume Janneau et al (1925-01-01); trans. Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Juan Gris, His Life and Work (1947)

„I always pet a dog with my left hand, because if he bit me, I'd still have my right hand to paint with.“

— Juan Gris
Attributed by (1876–1944) to Juan Gris, quoted in: Jeanine Warnod (1972). Washboat days. p. 204

„I try to make concrete that which is abstract.“

— Juan Gris
Response to questionnaire circulated to the Cubists by Amédée Ozenfant and Le Corbusier, editors of L'Esprit Nouveau # 5 (February 1921)

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