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Howard Aiken

Dátum narodenia: 8. marec 1900
Dátum úmrtia: 14. marec 1973

Howard Aiken - chýba nám detailnejší popis autora.

Citáty Howard Aiken

„Originally one thought that if there were a half dozen large computers in this country, hidden away in research laboratories, this would take care of all requirements we had throughout the country.“

—  Howard H. Aiken

1952. Quoted in I. Bernard Cohen: Howard Aiken: Portrait of a Computer Pioneer. 1999. MIT Press. p. 292. And I. Bernard Cohen: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 20.3 pp. 27–33. (1998)

„Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats.“

—  Howard H. Aiken

As quoted in Portraits in Silicon (1987) by Robert Slater
As quoted in A Computer Science Reader : Selections from Abacus (1988) by Eric A. Weiss, p. 404
Varianta: Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.

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