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Henry Adams

Dátum narodenia: 16. február 1838
Dátum úmrtia: 27. marec 1918
Ďalšie mená: 亨利·亞當斯,Henry Brooks Adams


Henry Adams bol americký románopisec, historik, esejista a tvorca viacerých životopisných diel.

Citáty Henry Adams


„A period of about twelve years measured the beat of the pendulum.“

— Henry Adams
Context: A period of about twelve years measured the beat of the pendulum. After the Declaration of Independence, twelve years had been needed to create an efficient Constitution; another twelve years of energy brought a reaction against the government then created; a third period of twelve years was ending in a sweep toward still greater energy; and already a child could calculate the result of a few more such returns. A History of the United States of America During the First Administration of James Madison (1890), Vol. II, Ch. VI: Meeting of the Twelfth Congress; 1921 edition, p. 123

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