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Henri Barbusse

Dátum narodenia: 17. máj 1873
Dátum úmrtia: 30. august 1935

Henri Barbusse bol francúzsky básnik, prozaik a publicista. Do povedomia verejnosti sa dostal protivojnovými akciami.

„Pochopiť život, milovať ho v inej bytosti - v tom spočíva úloha človeka a v tom je tiež jeho talent; každý sa môže plne zasvätiť len jednému človekovi.“

„Lenin a Stalin netvorili históriu - ale racionalizovali ju. Priblížili budúcnosť.“

„Láska je akýmsi sviatkom samoty dvoch ľudí.“

„Moc peňazí mení a znetvoruje všetko v živote i v srdci.“

„Sloboda a bratstvo sú slová, zatiaľ čo rovnosť je vec.“

„Dobrý človek, zdravý človek, rozumný človek nemá zdraviť zástavy.“

„I am more sensitive than other people. Things that other people would not notice awaken a distinct echo in me, and in such moments of lucidity, when I look at myself, I see that I am alone, all alone, all alone.“ THE INFERNO ** UNDER FIRE ** LIGHT

„It was suicide. Others killed themselves with poison or with a revolver. I killed myself with minutes and hours.“ Hell

„I keep remembering — I keep remembering. My heart has no pity on me.“

„I believe that around us there is only one word on all sides, one immense word which reveals our solitude and extinguishes our radiance: Nothing! I believe that that word does not point to our insignificance or our unhappiness, but on the contrary to our fulfillment and our divinity, since everything is in ourselves.“ Hell

„All lovers in the world are alike: they fall in love by chance; they see each other, and are attached to each other by the features of their faces; they illuminate each other by the fierce preference which is akin to madness; they assert the reality of illusions; and for a moment they change falsehood into truth.“ Hell

„I love you, but I love the past even more. I long for it, I long for it, I am consumed with longing for it. The past! I shall cry, I shall suffer because the past will never come back again.“ Hell

„The memory of you saddened my joys, but consoled my sorrows.“ Hell

„At the touch of mankind, things wear away with heartbreaking slowness.“ Hell

„The woman from the depths of her rags, a waif, a martyr — smiled. She must have a divine heart to be so tired and yet smile.“ Hell

„It is not by sin that we attain happiness, nor is it by virtue, nor is it by that kind of divine fire by which one makes great instinctive decisions and which is neither good not evil. It is by none of these things that one reaches happiness. One never reaches happiness.“ Hell

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