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Ruth Rendell

Dátum narodenia: 17. február 1930
Dátum úmrtia: 2. máj 2015
Ďalšie mená: Ruth Rendellová, Barbara Vine

Ruth Barbara Rendellová je anglická spisovateľka.

„Deti rozumejú svojím rodičom tak málo ako rodičia svojím deťom.“

„Pseudonym: Barbara Vine“

„Some say life is the thing, but I prefer reading.“ A Judgement in Stone

„We always know when we are awake that we cannot be dreaming even though when actually dreaming we feel all this may be real.“ One Across, Two Down

„I really do literally put myself into a character's shoes.“

„Without me, without me,
Everyday's misery.
But with me - am I wrong?
No night is too long!“
No Night is Too Long

„Our children, when young, are part of ourselves. When they grow up they are just other people.“ The Chimney Sweeper's Boy

„His books distracted him for a while. They were like the aspirins you take when you've got a headache. They kill the pain for two hours and then it comes back.“ Gallowglass

„The knives of jealousy are honed on details.“

„Maybe being married is talking to oneself with one's other self listening.“

„You make someone into a object of – not so much of pity as of weakness, sickness, stupidity, inefectiveness, do you see what I mean? You hit them for their stupidity and their inability to respond, and when you’ve hurt them, marked them, they’re even more sick and ugly, aren’t they? And they’re afraid and cringing too. Oh, I know this isn’t very pleasant, but you did ask.”
“Go on” he said.
“So you’ve got a frightened, stupid, even disabled person, silenced, made ugly, and what can you do with someone like that, someone who’s unworthy of being treated well? You treat them badly because that’s what they deserve. One thinks of poor little kids that no one love because they’re dirty, sovered in snot and shit, and always screaming. So you beat them because they’re hateful, they’re low, they’re sub-human. That’s all they’re good for, being hit, being reduced even further.“

„Don’t hate anyone,” she had said. “It’s quite useless and harms the hater while it does nothing at all to the hated.“ The Girl Next Door

„Empty minds are abhorred by thought as vacuums are by nature.“ A Fatal Inversion

„It was useless arguing with people like her. They had stereotyped minds that ran along grooves of stock response and the commonplace.“ Live Flesh

„She didn't really know London, only lived in it.“ The Water's Lovely

„She was happiest when sitting about and reading. She had read thousands of books, seeing no point in doing anything else unless you had to.“

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