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Hermann Ebbinghaus

Dátum narodenia: 24. január 1850
Dátum úmrtia: 26. február 1909

Hermann Ebbinghaus bol nemecký psychológ a filozof.

Citáty Hermann Ebbinghaus

„Natural science served as - if we overlook the hasty identification of mind and matter which had its origin in natural science - as a shining and fruitful example to psychology.“

—  Hermann Ebbinghaus

Zdroj: Psychology: An elementary textbook, 1908, p. 6; Partly cited in: Peter Ashworth, ‎Man Cheung Chung (2007) Phenomenology and Psychological Science, p. 54.

„Language is a system of conventional signs that can be voluntarily produced at any time.“

—  Hermann Ebbinghaus

Hermann Ebbinghaus, quoted in: Geza Revesz, The Origins and Prehistory of Language, London 1956. footnote p. 126

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„What is true is alas not new, the new not true.“

—  Hermann Ebbinghaus

Hermann Ebbinghaus cited in: Sills (1968), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, p. 326

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