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Daniel O’Connell

Dátum narodenia: 6. august 1775
Dátum úmrtia: 15. máj 1847
Ďalšie mená: Daniel O'Connel

Daniel O'Connell bol írsky politik a národný dejateľ prvej polovice 19. storočia, známy aj ako osloboditeľ a emancipátor . Aktívne sa zasadzoval za tzv. katolícku emancipáciu - právo pre katolíkov byť volený do parlamentu a za zrušenie tzv. Aktu únie, ktorý hovoril o spojení Írska s Veľkou Britániou.

Citáty Daniel O’Connell

„No man was ever a good soldier but the man who goes into the battle determined to conquer, or not to come back from the battle field (cheers). No other principle makes a good soldier.“

—  Daniel O'Connell

O’Connell recalling the spirited conduct of the Irish soldiers in Wellington’s army, at the Monster meeting held at Mullaghmast. Envoi, Taking Leave of Roy Foster, by Brendan Clifford and Julianne Herlihy, Aubane Historical Society, Cork.pg 16

„The altar of liberty totters when it is cemented only with blood“

—  Daniel O'Connell

Written in his Journal, Dec 1796, and one of O'Connell's most well-known quotes. Quoted by O'Ferrall, F., Daniel O'Connell, Dublin, 1981, p. 12

„Good God, what a brute man becomes when ignorant and oppressed. Oh Liberty! What horrors are committed in thy name! May every virtuous revolutionist remember the horrors of Wexford!“

—  Daniel O'Connell

Written in his Journal, 2nd Jan 1799, referring to the recent 1798 Rebellion. Quoted from Vol I, p. 205, of O'Neill Daunt, W. J., Personal Recollections of the Late Daniel O'Connell, M.P., 2 Vols, London, 1848.

„My days – the blossom of my youth and the flower of my manhood – have been darkened by the dreariness of servitude. In this my native land – in the land of my sires – I am degraded without fault as an alien and an outcast.“

—  Daniel O'Connell

July 1812, aged 37, reflecting on the failure to secure equal rights or Catholic Emancipation for Catholics in Ireland. Quoted from Vol I, p. 185, of O'Connell, J. (ed.) The Life and Speeches of Daniel O'Connell, 2 Vols, Dublin, 1846)

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