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Ariel Šaron

Dátum narodenia: 26. február 1928
Dátum úmrtia: 11. január 2014

Ariel Šaron bol izraelský vojak, politik a premiér.

„Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.“

—  Ariel Sharon

Zdroj: "Clashes mar Mid-East inquiry," at, March 25, 2001 ( online)

„Everybody has to move; run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements, because everything we take now will stay ours. Everything we don't grab will go to them.“

—  Ariel Sharon

Stated in 1998, New York Times ( online

„If we [are to] reach a situation of true peace, real peace, peace for generations, we will have to make painful concessions. Not in exchange for promises, but rather in exchange for peace.“

—  Ariel Sharon

Zdroj: "Report: Sharon willing to make 'painful concessions," at, April 2003 ( online)

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„We can also reassure our Palestinian partners that we understand the importance of territorial contiguity in the West Bank for a viable Palestinian state.“

—  Ariel Sharon

Sharon pledges to 'immediately' remove unauthorized outposts, CNN, 4 June 2003.

„Translation: I do think that the Lebanon War was one of the most justified of Israel's wars. Now to the facts: I hear Barak's statements on the 18 years tragedy in Lebanon. It should be remembered that our entrance to Lebanon started 25 years ago, when Yitzhak Rabin was the Prime Minister and Peres was the Minister of Defense. At the first stage, we entered south Lebanon and after a month we were already present in north Lebanon due to PLO terrorism. We reached a situation in which half of Israel's population deserted the north and moved southwardly. After the war, the north became quiet for many years […] As early as October 1982, I was the only one who said that it's already possible to get out of Lebanon, but then I was no longer the Minister of Defense.“

—  Ariel Sharon

Elections campaign speech at a high school, Ynet,7340,L-444008,00.html, January 18, 2001
Originál: (iw) אני אכן חושב שמלחמת לבנון היתה מהמוצדקות במלחמות ישראל. ועכשיו לעובדות: אני שומע את האמירות של ברק על הטרגדיה של 18 השנים בלבנון. צריך לזכור שהכניסה שלנו ללבנון החלה לפני 25 שנה, כשיצחק רבין היה רה"מ ופרס שר הביטחון. בשלב הראשון נכנסנו לדרום לבנון ואחרי חודש כבר היינו נוכחים בצפון לבנון וזאת בשל טרור מצד אש"ף. הגענו למצב שמחצית מאוכלוסיית הארץ נטשה את הצפון וזזה דרומה. אחרי המלחמה השתרר בצפון שקט להרבה שנים [...] כבר באוקטובר 82' הייתי היחיד שאמר שכבר אפשר לצאת מלבנון, אבל אז כבר לא הייתי שר ביטחון

„Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches.“

—  Ariel Sharon

Quoted in Friedman, Robert I., Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel's West Bank Settlement Movement (New York, New York: Random House, 1992), 132-52.

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