„… I stir in bed and the memories rise out of me like a buzz of flies from a carcass. I crave to be rid of them…“

Barbara Kingsolver fotka
Barbara Kingsolver119
American author, poet and essayist 1955

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William McFee fotka

„There is nothing like an odor to stir memories.“

—  William McFee American writer 1881 - 1966
Context: "And what are those things at all?" demands my companion, diverted for a moment from the flowers. She nods towards a mass of dull-green affairs piled on mats or being lifted from big vans. She is a Cockney and displays surprise when she is told those things are bananas. She shrugs and turns again to the musk-roses, and forgets. But to me, as the harsh, penetrating odor of the green fruit cuts across the heavy perfume of the flowers, comes a picture of the farms in distant Colombia or perhaps Costa Rica. There is nothing like an odor to stir memories.

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