„How easy it was to lie to strangers, to create with strangers the versions of our lives we imagined.“

—  Chi­ma­man­da Ngo­zi Adi­chie, kniha Americanah

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„Art is the closest we can come to understanding how a stranger really feels.“

—  Roger Ebert American film critic, author, journalist, and TV presenter 1942 - 2013

"Living Testament" speech http://video.cpt12.org/video/2364991008 at 11th Hour, Colorado Public Television (1994)

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Simonides of Ceos fotka

„[Word-for-word translation]
O stranger, announce to the Lacadaemonians [Spartans] that here
We lie, to their words [or laws] obedient.“

—  Simonides of Ceos Ancient Greek musician and poet -556 - -468 pred n. l.

Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by
That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.
Epitaph on the Cenotaph of Thermopylae, recorded by Herodotus.
There is a long unsolved dispute around the interpretation of the word rhemasi, such as laws, words or orders.
Variant translations:
Go, tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,
That here obedient to their laws we lie.
Stranger, go tell the men of Lacedaemon
That we, who lie here, did as we were ordered.
Stranger, bring the message to the Spartans that here
We remain, obedient to their orders.
Oh foreigner, tell the Lacedaemonians
That here we lie, obeying their words.
Go, tell the Spartans, passerby,
that here by Spartan law we lie.
Go, tell the Spartans
stranger passing by,
that here, obedient to Spartan law,
we dead of Sparta lie

Greg Egan fotka

„The Universe may be stranger than we can imagine, but it's going to have a tough time outdoing Egan.“

—  Greg Egan Australian science fiction writer and former computer programmer 1961

New Scientist

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Lorin Morgan-Richards fotka

„The strangers we see in our dreams are not so strange after all, as they have existed in our past lives and only momentarily forgotten.“

—  Lorin Morgan-Richards American poet, cartoonist, and children's writer 1975

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Quotes as Marcil d'Hirson Garron

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„On this shrunken globe men can no longer live as strangers.“

—  Adlai Stevenson mid-20th-century Governor of Illinois and Ambassador to the UN 1900 - 1965

As quoted in Man of Honor, Man of Peace : The Life and Words of Adlai Stevenson (1965) by Robert L. Polley, p. 61
Kontext: On this shrunken globe men can no longer live as strangers. Men can war against each other as hostile neighbors, as we are determined not to do; or they can co-exist in frigid isolation, as we are doing. But our prayer is that men everywhere will learn, finally, to live as brothers, to respect each other's differences, to heal each other's wounds, to promote each other's progress, and to benefit from each other's knowledge.

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„One of the characteristics of the dream is that nothing surprises us in it. With no regret, we agree to live in it with strangers, completely cut off from our habits and friends.“

—  Jean Cocteau French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager and filmmaker 1889 - 1963

"Du Rêve" in La Difficulté d’Etre [The Difficulty of Being] (1947)

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