„The carnivorous life is denounced by the tenderer and more enlightened elements of mankind, and so those under indictment begin to rake and scrape to see what they can turn up in vindication of their beloved and imperilled rapacities. They find, happily, that Nature is 'red in tooth and claw,' that man has 'canine teeth,' and that human beings are without the five stomachs of the ruminantia. Of course, man is a carnivorous animal; couldn't be anything else if he wanted to be; would probably peter out if he attempted it; and it is not necessary to try to be anything else, anyway, if he could be, for he is in harmony with the all-wise and perfectly lovely regime of bloody Nature already. Mighty slim pegs on which to suspend a life of crime, considering that their substance is purely imaginary! But sufficient for those who have made up their minds beforehand to be satisfied with whatever there is.“

Zdroj: The New Ethics (1907), Is Man a Plant-Eater?, pp. 111–112

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J. Howard Moore177
1862 - 1916

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„It is in Man’s nature to dislike those who are unlike him - all the more so when they, as a group, have accomplished what he has not.“

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„Whatever else he was during his life, he was never dull, and the world forgives almost anything but stupidity.“

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