„You are the architect of your own destiny; you are the master of your own fate; you are behind the steering wheel of your life.“

The 21 Success Secrets of Self-made Millionaires (2001), Conclusion : Success Is Predictable, p. 63
Kontext: You are the architect of your own destiny; you are the master of your own fate; you are behind the steering wheel of your life. There are no limitations to what you can do, have, or be. Except the limitations you place on yourself by your own thinking.

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Napoleon Hill fotka

„You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.“

—  Napoleon Hill American author 1883 - 1970

Zdroj: Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller - Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

Michael J. Fox fotka
Corrie ten Boom fotka

„In a world of bosses, you are your own master“

—  John Grogan, kniha Marley & Me

Zdroj: Marley & Me

Swami Vivekananda fotka
Hiro Mashima fotka
Nigel Cumberland fotka

„Not allowing what happened in the past to determine your future starts in your mind. What you think and feel is key. Are you able to say and believe that you are creating your own future or, to paraphrase the William Ernest Henley poem ‘Invictus’, that you are the master of your fate?“

—  Nigel Cumberland British author and leadership coach 1967

Your Job-Hunt Ltd – Advice from an Award-Winning Asian Headhunter (2003), Successful Recruitment in a Week (2012) https://books.google.ae/books?idp24GkAsgjGEC&printsecfrontcover&dqnigel+cumberland&hlen&saX&ved0ahUKEwjF75Xw0IHNAhULLcAKHazACBMQ6AEIGjAA#vonepage&qnigel%20cumberland&ffalse, 100 Things Successful People Do: Little Exercises for Successful Living (2016) https://books.google.ae/books?idnu0lCwAAQBAJ&dqnigel+cumberland&hlen&saX&ved0ahUKEwjF75Xw0IHNAhULLcAKHazACBMQ6AEIMjAE

„That’s what being human means: to be master of your own fate.“

—  Karl Schroeder Author. Technology consultant 1962

Zdroj: Lady of Mazes (2005), Chapter 23 (p. 262).

Isabel Allende fotka
Jim Morrison fotka
Luis Miguel fotka

„You have a list of things that you want to do in life—to own your own house, to own your own car, to own your own yacht. [Making] wine was on my list, because it has a particular glamour to it.“

—  Luis Miguel Puerto Rican singer; music producer 1970

Interview with Wine Spectator, 2006

Jack Vance fotka

„I fear, Master Zamp, that you are a victim to your own perfervid imagination.“

—  Jack Vance, kniha Showboat World

Zdroj: Showboat World (1975), Chapter 11 (p. 123)

Libba Bray fotka
Dinesh D'Souza fotka
Alan Keyes fotka

„The question isn't whether you have a good master or a bad master. It's to be your own master. That is the dignity of humanity.“

—  Alan Keyes American politician 1950

Renew America rally in Alabama, April 29, 2000. http://renewamerica.us/archives/speeches/00_04_29alrenew.htm.

Henry David Thoreau fotka
Mwanandeke Kindembo fotka

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