„Do not counsel what is most pleasant, but what is best.“

—  Solón

Demetrius of Phalerum, "Apophthegms of the Seven Sages," in Early Greek Philosophy, vol. 2 (Loeb Classical Library, volume 525), p. 141

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Aristotle fotka
Jean Paul Sartre fotka
Thomas Sowell fotka
John Varley fotka

„It was not pleasant to admit what one is willing to do to go on living.“

—  John Varley, kniha The Ophiuchi Hotline

Zdroj: The Ophiuchi Hotline (1977), Chapter 14 (p. 141)

Brian W. Aldiss fotka

„Aldiss’s second law of thermo-linguistics states that what is most popular is rarely best and that what is best is rarely most popular.“

—  Brian W. Aldiss British science fiction author 1925 - 2017

Science Fiction on the Titanic, in Brian Aldiss and Harry Harrison (eds.) The Year's Best SF 9 (1976), ISBN 0-8600-7894-9, p. 201

Ralph Waldo Emerson fotka
Leonardo DiCaprio fotka

„If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people.“

—  Leonardo DiCaprio American actor and film producer 1974


Jay Samit fotka

„Be the best at what you do or the only one doing it.“

—  Jay Samit American businessman 1961

Zdroj: Disrupt You! (2015), p. 61

Aeschylus fotka

„What is pleasanter than the tie of host and guest?“

—  Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers

Zdroj: Oresteia (458 BC), The Libation Bearers, line 702

Taliesin fotka
Aldo Leopold fotka

„Once you learn to read the land, I have no fear of what you will do to it, or with it. And I know many pleasant things it will do to you.“

—  Aldo Leopold American writer and scientist 1887 - 1948

"Wherefore Wildlife Ecology?" [1947]; Published in The River of the Mother of God and Other Essays by Aldo Leopold, Susan L. Flader and J. Baird Callicott (eds.) 1991, p. 337.

Richard Bach fotka

„We teach best what we most need to learn.“

—  Richard Bach American spiritual writer 1936

Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah (1977)
Varianta: You teach best what you most need to learn.
Zdroj: Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Nassim Nicholas Taleb fotka

„What fools call “wasting time” is most often the best investment.“

—  Nassim Nicholas Taleb, kniha The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms

Zdroj: The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms (2010), p. 24

Kurt Cobain fotka

„I’m worse at what I do best.“

—  Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994

Varianta: I´m worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed.

William Wordsworth fotka

„The best of what we do and are,
Just God, forgive!“

—  William Wordsworth English Romantic poet 1770 - 1850

Thoughts suggested on the Banks of the Nith.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)

Rene Balcer fotka

„See? That's what happens when you keep people from doing what they do best: It makes them insane.“

—  Rene Balcer screenwriter, producer and director 1954

Det. Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Bernard Cornwell fotka

„The redcoats were doing what they did best, what they were paid a shilling a day less stoppages to do: they were killing.“

—  Bernard Cornwell British writer 1944

Narrator, p. 317
Sharpe (Novel Series), Sharpe's Fury (2006)
Kontext: They were the despised of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. They were drunks and thieves, the scourings of gutters and jails. They wore the red coat because no one else wanted them, or because they were so desperate that they had no choice. They were the scum of Britain, but they could fight. They had always fought, but in the army, they were told how to fight with discipline. They discovered sergeants and officers who valued them. They punished them too, of course, and swore at them, and cursed them, and whipped their backs bloody, and cursed them again, but valued them. They even loved them, and officers worth five thousand pounds a year were fighting alongside them now. The redcoats were doing what they did best, what they were paid a shilling a day less stoppages to do: they were killing.

Hillary Clinton fotka

„Let’s free entrepreneurs to do what they do best – innovate, grow, and hire.“

—  Hillary Clinton American politician, senator, Secretary of State, First Lady 1947

Presidential campaign (April 12, 2015 – 2016), Speech in Warren, Michigan (August 11, 2016)

Ridley Scott fotka

„Most novelists are desperate to do what I do.“

—  Ridley Scott English film director and film producer 1937

New York Times interview (2013)

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