„No theory, no ready-made system, no book that has ever been written will save the world. I cleave to no system. I am a true seeker.“

As quoted in Michael Bakunin (1937) by E.H. Carr, p. 175

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Michail Bakunin fotka
Michail Bakunin1
ruský revolucionár, filozof a teoretik anarchokolektivizmu 1814 - 1876

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„I am finally ready for the world. I hope it’s ready for me.“

—  Tarik Gunersel Turkish actor 1953

Oluşmak (To Become) Aphorisms (Pan Publishing House, Istanbul, 2011)

Novalis fotka

„Many counterrevolutionary books have been written in favor of the Revolution. But Burke has written a revolutionary book against the Revolution.“

—  Novalis, kniha Blüthenstaub

Fragment No. 104; on Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790).
Blüthenstaub (1798)

Claude Monet fotka

„It seems to me, when I see nature, that I see it ready made, completely written — but then, try to do it!“

—  Claude Monet French impressionist painter 1840 - 1926

2 quotes in Monet's letter to , July 15, 1864; as cited in Mary M. Gedo (2013) Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Art. p. 114-15 / p. 60
1850 - 1870
Kontext: It seems to me, when I see nature, that I see it ready made, completely written — but then, try to do it! All this proves that one must think of nothing but them [impressions]; it is by dint of observation and reflection that one makes discoveries.

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„You've been hearing me say it's a rigged system, but now I don't say it anymore because I won. It's true. Now I don't care.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

"Trump: GOP 'rigged,' but I don't care because I won" http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/trump-gop-rigged-but-i-dont-care-because-i-won/article/2590545 by Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner (5 May 2016)
2010s, 2016, May

Béla H. Bánáthy fotka

„Functionalist systems theories.“

—  Tom R. Burns American sociologist 1937

The theorists in this tradition explain the emergence and/or maintenance of parts, structures, institutions, norms or cultural patterns of a social system in terms of their consequences, that is, the particular functions each realizes or satisfies. This includes, for instance, their contribution to the maintenance and reproduction over time of the larger system. The major functionalist in sociology is arguably Talcott Parsons.
Zdroj: Systems theories (2006), p. 1.

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