„Now Tom was - the hell with that, he said to himself. It is something that happens to everybody. I should know about that by now. It is the only thing that is really final, though.
How do you know that? he asked himself. Going away can be final. Walking out the door can be final. Any form of real betrayal can be final. Dishonesty can be final. Selling out is final. But you are just talking now. Death is what is really final.“

—  Ernest Hemingway, kniha Islands in the Stream

Pt. 3: At Sea, Section 19
Islands in the Stream (1970)

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Ernest Hemingway fotka
Ernest Hemingway89
americký autor a novinár 1899 - 1961

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Jordan Sonnenblick fotka
John Muir fotka

„I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.“

—  John Muir Scottish-born American naturalist and author 1838 - 1914

page 439
Last line of the documentary film " John Muir in the New World http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/episodes/john-muir-in-the-new-world/watch-the-full-documentary-film/1823/" (American Masters), produced, directed, and written by Catherine Tatge.
John of the Mountains, 1938
Zdroj: John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir

Douglas Adams fotka

„That was it. That was really it. She knew that she had told herself that that was it only seconds earlier, but this was now the final real ulimate it.“

—  Douglas Adams, kniha Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Zdroj: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

„We can only know what we can truly imagine. Finally what we see comes from ourselves.“

—  Marge Piercy, Woman on the Edge of Time

Zdroj: Woman on the Edge of Time

Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury fotka

„There can be no finality in politics.“

—  Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury British politician 1830 - 1903

Quarterly Review, 123, 1867, p. 557

Suzanne Collins fotka
Ian McEwan fotka
Ben Harper fotka

„Now that you've grown up
You can finally learn to be a child
We made it to the end of the world
But we'll never make it out alive.“

—  Ben Harper singer-songwriter and musician 1969

Skin Thin.
Song lyrics, White Lies for Dark Times (2009)

James Stephens fotka

„Finality is death. Perfection is finality. Nothing is perfect. There are lumps in it.“

—  James Stephens, kniha The Crock of Gold

The Crock of Gold (Charleston: BiblioBazaar, [1912] 2006) p. 27.

Bobby Robson fotka

„I'm not going to look beyond the semi-final - but I would love to lead Newcastle out at the final.“

—  Bobby Robson English association football player and manager 1933 - 2009

"Sir Bobby Robson: his most memorable quotes," 2009

Orson Scott Card fotka

„I’m a terrible salesman,” he finally said. “I always tell the truth about what I’m selling, and then nobody buys it.“

—  Orson Scott Card American science fiction novelist 1951

Zdroj: The Tales of Alvin Maker, The Crystal City (2003), Chapter 12 “Springfield” (p. 250).

Anne Sexton fotka
Mario Cuomo fotka

„I can offer you no final truths, complete and unchallengeable.“

—  Mario Cuomo American politician, Governor of New York 1932 - 2015

Religious Belief and Public Morality (1984)
Kontext: I can offer you no final truths, complete and unchallengeable. But it's possible this one effort will provoke other efforts — both in support and contradiction of my position — that will help all of us understand our differences and perhaps even discover some basic agreement.
In the end, I'm convinced we will all benefit if suspicion is replaced by discussion, innuendo by dialogue; if the emphasis in our debate turns from a search for talismanic criteria and neat but simplistic answers to an honest — more intelligent — attempt at describing the role religion has in our public affairs, and the limits placed on that role.
And if we do it right — if we're not afraid of the truth even when the truth is complex — this debate, by clarification, can bring relief to untold numbers of confused — even anguished — Catholics, as well as to many others who want only to make our already great democracy even stronger than it is.

Albrecht Dürer fotka

„There is no man on earth who can give a final judgment on what the most beautiful shape may be. Only God knows.“

—  Albrecht Dürer German painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist 1471 - 1528

As quoted in Mathematics, Education and Philosophy: An International Perspective (1994) by Paul Ernest
This has also been quoted or misquoted as "There lives no man upon the earth who can give a final judgement upon what the most beautiful shape of man might be; God only knows that".

Jenny Han fotka

„The rational man may talk a good game about suicide, but reason must give way to obsession and finally squalor before he can actually do it.“

—  Wilfrid Sheed English-American novelist and essayist 1930 - 2011

"A. Alvarez: The Savage God" (1972), p. 69
The Good Word & Other Words (1978)

Harry Truman fotka

„You know, the United States Government turns its Chief Executive out to grass. They're just allowed to starve... If I hadn't inherited some property that finally paid things through, I'd be on relief now.“

—  Harry Truman American politician, 33rd president of the United States (in office from 1945 to 1953) 1884 - 1972

Interview with Edward R. Murrow on CBS Television (2 February 1958)

„Choose the duty that you can most effectively execute: that is, finally, all we can do in life.“

—  Sherwood Smith, kniha A Stranger to Command

A Stranger to Command (Crown & Court 0.5, 2008)

Harry Emerson Fosdick fotka

„No existent theology can be a final formulation of spiritual truth.“

—  Harry Emerson Fosdick American pastor 1878 - 1969

The Living of These Days (1956)
Kontext: The fact that astronomies change while the stars abide is a true analogy of every realm of human life and thought, religion not least of all. No existent theology can be a final formulation of spiritual truth.

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