„If you look at what's going on in terms of unity, the Bernie people are angry. They're angry. He was angry. What was amazing to me is when she was talking about Bernie last night, the camera was on him and he was angry. It almost looks like he has buyer's remorse, like he shouldn't have made the deal.“

2010s, 2016, July, This Week Interview (July 30, 2016)

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Donald Trump1
nemecký americký priemyselník, televízna osobnosť, politik 1946

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„Angry people are stupid people.“

—  Donald Miller American writer 1971

Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance (2000, Harvest House Publishers)

Jane Austen fotka

„Angry people are not always wise.“

—  Jane Austen, kniha Pride and Prejudice

Zdroj: Pride and Prejudice

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„These are very good people, but they are angry.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

Trump described armed demonstrators who stormed the state Capitol in Michigan, as quoted by * 2020-05-01

Trump urges Michigan governor to give in to ‘very good people’ who stormed statehouse with guns

Travis Gettys


2020s, 2020, April

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„But I believe in the American people. I believe that we are not too far gone. I believe that people can watch and see the difference. They can feel the difference. When you watch Barack Obama, you can just see he is angry. When you watch Mitt Romney, you can see he is not. We are not an angry nation. We don't listen to demagogues like that. It doesn’t work. No matter how much power he has amassed, no matter how many friends in the media he has, Americans know. And if they reject it this time, if they're so dead inside - that's a possibility - if they're so dead inside that they can no longer see the difference between good and evil, we have to be destroyed because we will be a remarkable evil on this planet.“

—  Glenn Beck U.S. talk radio and television host 1964

Revenge vs. Love: This election choice is clear
The Glenn Beck Program
Radio, quoted in * 2012-11-06
Beck: If Americans are 'So Dead Inside' That They Re-Elect Obama, Then 'We Have to be Destroyed'
2010s, 2012

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„I don't think either one of them literally want to incite violence. But they have to realize that when they tell people to get up in your face, that there are some crazy unstable people out there. There are truly people who have anger issues. The guy that shot over two hundred rounds from a semi-automatic weapon at us at the ballfield, was an angry guy. He was a guy that would go down to the city council and yell and scream and get angry and red in the face. He once hit a neighbor with the butt of his gun. He had all of these anger issues. But then when people stoke that and say "get up in their face", "go to Washington."“

—  Rand Paul American politician, ophthalmologist, and United States Senator from Kentucky 1963

He showed up at the ballfield that day, and as he started shooting at us he yelled "This is for healthcare!", and then when they were finally able to kill him in his pocket was a list of five or six conservative republicans that he came there intending to kill. So instead of saying "get up in their face", we should say let's have constructive dialog. Let's forcefully present our position in a verbal way and in an intellectual way.
Rand Paul: There Will Be an 'Assassination' If Left Doesn't Ratchet Down the Rhetoric
Discussion on Fox and Friends
http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/10/10/rand-paul-there-will-be-assassination-if-left-doesnt-ratchet-down-rhetoric https://video.foxnews.com/v/5847225479001/?#sp=show-clips

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„If anyone is as angry as I am, it's the good people of Detroit.“

—  Lewis Black American stand-up comedian, author, playwright, social critic and actor 1948

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„If you look at our country's history, change doesn't come from presidents. Change comes from large groups of angry people.“

—  Aziz Ansari American actor and stand-up comedian 1983

Saturday Night Live ( monologue https://www.facebook.com/snl/videos/10154881142446303/), 21 January 2017.

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