„I think physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race. They never grow up, and they keep their curiosity.“

As quoted in "The Atomic Scientists, the Sense of Wonder and the Bomb" by Mark Fiege in Enviornmental History, Vol. 12, Issue 3 (July 2007) http://envhis.oxfordjournals.org/content/12/3.toc.

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Isidor Isaac Rabi fotka
Isidor Isaac Rabi
americký fyzik 1898 - 1988

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Mary Martin fotka

„You are my Peter Pan.“

—  Mary Martin American actress 1913 - 1990

To Sandy Duncan, who had told her "You're the only Peter Pan I'll ever know" in a meeting after a Duncan's performance in the role, as quoted in Mary Martin : Broadway Legend (2008) by Ronald L. Davis. p. 183

Conor Oberst fotka
Kate Bush fotka

„They took the game right out of it.
When I am a man
I will be an astronaut,
And find Peter Pan.“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

Song lyrics, Lionheart (1978)

Mary Martin fotka

„Peter Pan is perhaps the most important thing, to me, that I have ever done in theater.“

—  Mary Martin American actress 1913 - 1990

As quoted in Mary Martin : Broadway Legend (2008) by Ronald L. Davis. p. 180

Sherrilyn Kenyon fotka
Mark Heard fotka
E.M. Forster fotka

„A humanist has four leading characteristics — curiosity, a free mind, belief in good taste, and belief in the human race.“

—  E.M. Forster English novelist 1879 - 1970

"George and Gide"
Two Cheers for Democracy (1951)

Carly Fiorina fotka

„Childhood is precious… Hardest part of growing up? Is growing up, I think.“

—  Carly Fiorina American corporate executive and politician 1954

David Webb Show http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/05/ohio-male-rnc-member-calls-carly-fiorina-hot-babe/ (5 August 2015).
2010s, 2015, David Webb Show (August 2015)

Roberto Cotroneo fotka
Johnny Depp fotka
Stephen King fotka
Bhakti Tirtha Swami fotka

„Curiosity and enthusiasm to learn and grow“

—  Bhakti Tirtha Swami American Hindu writer 1950 - 2005

Books, Spiritual Warrior, Volume III: Solace for the Heart in Difficult Times (Hari-Nama Press, 2000)

Tove Jansson fotka
Mary Roach fotka
Cormac McCarthy fotka
Thomas Love Peacock fotka

„I almost think it is the ultimate destiny of science to exterminate the human race.“

—  Thomas Love Peacock, kniha Gryll Grange

Gryll Grange, chapter XIX (1860).

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