„You look sad even though we just met
No need to get upset
But I got a show, gotta go, so I thank you
And if you wanna still get sexed down
You could catch the next Greyhound
But until then, I gotta go, so I thank you“

—  Eamon

"I Love Them Ho's (Ho-Wop)"
Lyrics, I Don't Want You Back (2004)

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Chris Rock fotka

„And even if you get shot by a stray bullet, you don't gotta go to no doctor to get it taken out, whoever shot you will take they bullet back! "I believe you have my property!"“

—  Chris Rock American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer, and director 1965

Bigger and Blacker (HBO, 1999)

„You gotta take your skin off, you gotta love so much that you go insane.“

—  Edward Lewis Wallant American writer 1926 - 1962

Children at the Gate (1962)

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Gerry Rafferty fotka
Richelle Mead fotka
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„Cause I don't wanna go on with you like that,
Don't wanna be a feather in your cap.
I just wanna tell you honey I ain't mad,
But I don't wanna go on with you like that.“

—  Elton John English rock singer-songwriter, composer and pianist 1947

I Don't Wanna Go on with You Like That
Song lyrics, Reg Strikes Back (1988)

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James Taylor fotka
Larry the Cable Guy fotka
Janet Jackson fotka

„My love for you is unconditional love too
Gotta get up, get out, get up, get out, get up
And show you that it“

—  Janet Jackson singer from the United States 1966

Doesn't Really Matter
All for You (2001)

Anna Nicole Smith fotka

„I didn't get to masturbate this morning, and I've been dying to, so I've gotta go.“

—  Anna Nicole Smith American model, actress, and television personality 1967 - 2007

Anna Nicole Smith in the The Anna Nicole Show; Cited in: David Volk (2004) The Tribe Has Spoken: Life Lessons from Reality TV. p. 89

Natalie Merchant fotka
Chris Rock fotka

„If you wanna get away with murder, all you gotta do is shoot somebody in the head and put a demo tape in their pocket! "This is a rap killing. Let's go home!"“

—  Chris Rock American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer, and director 1965

Never Scared (HBO, 2004)

Dane Cook fotka

„You just can't get distracted easily. If you're having a bad day you just gotta keep going and you just can't be too hard on yourself.“

—  Sunisa Lee American artistic gymnast; first Hmong American Olympic gold medalist 2003

"Sunisa Lee reflects on recent success, while looking ahead to possible Olympic run" in MPR News (14 August 2021) https://www.mprnews.org/story/2019/08/14/sunisa-lee-reflects-on-recent-success-while-looking-ahead-to-possible-olympic-run

Jim Steinman fotka

„Stop right there!
I gotta know right now!
Before we go any further —
Do you love me?
Will you love me forever?“

—  Jim Steinman American musician 1947

Bat out of Hell (1977), Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Martin Lawrence fotka

„Sorry, I had told Craig and them I'm gon' kick it with them. Gotta go! See you when I see you!“

—  Martin Lawrence American actor and director 1965

You So Crazy (1994)

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