„The death of our close friends and relatives proves that how close the death is to us!“

Quoted in Humor & Caricature (January 1996), p. 3

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Javad Alizadeh fotka
Javad Alizadeh13
cartoonist, journalist and humorist 1953

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Melissa de la Cruz fotka
Max Beckmann fotka

„Very worried and nerveux for 1944. Life is dark – as is death. Close 1943.“

—  Max Beckmann German painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor and writer 1884 - 1950

Beckman's Diary, 31 December 1943, Amsterdam; as cited on: 'Arts in exile' http://kuenste-im-exil.de

Joseph Addison fotka

„Death only closes a Man's Reputation, and determines it as good or bad.“

—  Joseph Addison politician, writer and playwright 1672 - 1719

No. 349 (10 April 1712)
Famously seen on the brothel wall in the film Easy Rider.
The Spectator (1711–1714)

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Philip Pullman fotka

„Doesn’t it scare you, having your death close by all the time?“

—  Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials trilogy

said Lyra.
“Why ever would it? If he’s there, you can keep an eye on him. I'd be a lot more nervous not knowing where he was.”
Zdroj: His Dark Materials, The Amber Spyglass (2000), Ch. 19 : Lyra and her Death

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Richard Adams fotka
Alessandro Pavolini fotka

„Life, you are our friend. Death, our lover.“

—  Alessandro Pavolini Italian politician and writer 1903 - 1945

Quoted in "L'Italia del fascio" By Mario Isnenghi - Page 39.

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Virginia Woolf fotka
John Steinbeck fotka
Patrick Dixon fotka

„When you have been close to death it makes you think about life.“

—  Patrick Dixon, kniha Building a Better Business

Building a Better Business (2005)

Gabriel García Márquez fotka

„Santiago Nasar had often told me that the smell of closed-in flowers had an immediate relation to death for him.“

—  Gabriel García Márquez, kniha Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1981), trans. Gregory Rabassa [Ballantine, 1984, ISBN 0-345-31002-0], p. 47

Friedrich Nietzsche fotka

„It (COVID-19) is a close relative to SARS and MERS but not genetically identical.“

—  Paul Kellam British virologist 1965

Paul Kellam (2020) cited in " Coronavirus: Virologist reveals the science behind fight to find vaccine for global outbreak https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-virologist-reveals-the-science-behind-fight-to-find-vaccine-for-global-outbreak-11922559" on Sky News, 31 January 2020.

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