„I was born at the age of twelve on a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot.“

As quoted in The Observer (18 February 1951)

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Judy Garlandová
1922 - 1969

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„I might have been homosexual if I was born in a different age but as it was I remained asexual.“

—  Wilfred Thesiger, kniha Arabian Sands

Stewart, Rory (2007). Arabian Sands (Introduction). London: Penguin Classics. p. xii. ISBN 9780141442075

„What a period. What an age to have been alive in. Oh thank God I was born when I was.“

—  Margery Allingham English writer of detective fiction 1904 - 1966

The Oaken Heart - the story of an English Village - Michael Joseph 1941 ISBN 095108562X
The Oaken Heart

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„Although it is generally known, I think it's about time to announce that I was born at a very early age.“

—  Groucho Marx American comedian 1890 - 1977

From his autobiography Groucho and Me (1959)
Varianta: Although it is generally known, I think it's about time to announce that I was born at a very early age.

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„The flower you hold in your hands was born today and is already your age.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

La flor que tienes en tus manos ha nacido hoy y ya tiene tu edad.
Voces (1943)

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„Translation: Art does not ask about the age, just expects a lot.“

—  Łukasz Pawlikowski Polish cellist 1997

Sztuka nie pyta o wiek, tylko oczekuje wiele.
A little cellist from Krakow conquers the world, warszawa.naszemiasto.pl, 2008-04-02, Polish http://warszawa.naszemiasto.pl/archiwum/1664386,maly-wiolonczelista-z-krakowa-podbija-swiat,id,t.html,

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„Animals are born and bred in litters. Solitude grows blessed and peaceful only in old age.“

—  George Santayana 20th-century Spanish-American philosopher associated with Pragmatism 1863 - 1952

Zdroj: Persons and Places (1944), p. 61

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