„Life is short, but its ills make it seem long.“

Maxim 124
Sentences, The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus, a Roman Slave

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Paulo Coelho fotka

„Life can seem short or life can seem long, depending on how you live it.“

—  Paulo Coelho, kniha The Devil and Miss Prym

Zdroj: The Devil and Miss Prym

Horace fotka

„Art is long, life is short.“

—  Horace Roman lyric poet -65 - -8 pred n. l.

Seneca's (De Brevitate Vitae, 1.1) Latin translation of the Greek by Hippocrates.
Originál: (la) Ars longa, vita brevis.

Robert A. Heinlein fotka

„Life is short, but the years are long.“

—  Robert A. Heinlein, kniha Methuselah's Children

Part of the secret "call and response" codewords by which members of the long-lived Howard Families can identify others:
: Life is short.
But the years are long.
Not while the evil days come not.
Methuselah's Children (1958)

Andrew Marvell fotka

„Art indeed is long, but life is short.“

—  Andrew Marvell English metaphysical poet and politician 1621 - 1678

Upon the Death of Lord Hastings (1649), last line
Varianta: "Art is long, and time is fleeting." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, A Psalm of Life (1839).

Cassandra Clare fotka

„Life is short, and wisdom long to learn.“

—  Cassandra Clare, kniha Lady Midnight

Zdroj: Lady Midnight

André Maurois fotka
Henry David Thoreau fotka

„Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.“

—  Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862 American poet, essayist, naturalist, and abolitionist 1817 - 1862

Letter to Harrison Blake (16 November 1857)
Kontext: Let me suggest a theme for you: to state to yourself precisely and completely what that walk over the mountains amounted to for you, — returning to this essay again and again, until you are satisfied that all that was important in your experience is in it. Give this good reason to yourself for having gone over the mountains, for mankind is ever going over a mountain. Don't suppose that you can tell it precisely the first dozen times you try, but at 'em again, especially when, after a sufficient pause, you suspect that you are touching the heart or summit of the matter, reiterate your blows there, and account for the mountain to yourself. Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.

William Empson fotka

„Law makes long spokes of the short stakes of men.“

—  William Empson English literary critic and poet 1906 - 1984

"Legal Fiction" (1928), line 1; cited from John Haffenden (ed.) The Complete Poems (London: Allen Lane, 2000) p. 37.
The Complete Poems

William Shakespeare fotka

„Let life be short, else shame will be too long.“

—  William Shakespeare, Henry V

Zdroj: Henry V

Anatole France fotka

„Life is too short, and Proust is too long.“

—  Anatole France French writer 1844 - 1924

Apparently an invention by Maurice Sachs; see discussion in Quotes about Proust.

John Muir fotka
John Dryden fotka

„Of seeming arms to make a short essay,
Then hasten to be drunk — the business of the day.“

—  John Dryden, kniha Fables, Ancient and Modern

Zdroj: Fables, Ancient and Modern (1700), Cymon and Iphigenia, Lines 407–408.

Geoffrey Chaucer fotka
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe fotka

„Art is long, life short; judgment difficult, opportunity transient.“

—  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German writer, artist, and politician 1749 - 1832

Die Kunst ist lang, das Leben kurz, das Urteil schwierig, die Gelegenheit flüchtig.
Bk. VII, Ch. 9
Cf. Hippocrates, Ars longa vita brevis, Aphorisms 1:1
Wilhelm Meister's Lehrjahre (Apprenticeship) (1786–1830)

Cesare Pavese fotka

„Idleness makes hours pass slowly and years swiftly. Activity makes the hours short and the years long.“

—  Cesare Pavese Italian poet, novelist, literary critic, and translator 1908 - 1950

This Business of Living (1935-1950)

Trevor Loudon fotka

„Socialism, is in short a manifestation of mental illness or major character deficiency.“

—  Trevor Loudon New Zealand politician

"Are Socialists Psychos?" https://www.trevorloudon.com/2006/12/are-socialists-psychos/

Cecelia Ahern fotka
Adlai Stevenson fotka

„The Republican party makes even its young men seem old; the Democratic Party makes even its old men seem young.“

—  Adlai Stevenson mid-20th-century Governor of Illinois and Ambassador to the UN 1900 - 1965

Comparing Richard Nixon to Alben Barkley during the 1952 presidential race, as quoted in Richard Nixon: A Political and Personal Portrait (1959) by Earl Mazo, Chapter 7

Henry Blodget fotka

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