„(Continued) The ironic thing is that my original goal in life was to be in a famous band, tour the world and sell millions of albums. Although that didn't quite happen, I got something else just as gratifying. Instead of being in a famous band, I gained some fame in the industry as a game composer. Instead of touring the world, I receive fan mail from around the world. Instead of selling millions of albums, my music is on millions of games! And I sell enough of my own albums that allows me to keep releasing them. So in a different way, I kind of got what I wanted after all. And I'm more than happy with that. The most fulfilling part of it is that I feel I contributed something that mattered to a significant number of people, and more importantly, I got to be a part of projects that mattered a lot to my life personally, like Star Wars!“

Gameplay magazine

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Frank Klepacki9
American musician, video game music composer and sound dire… 1974

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„She reinvents herself from album to album. I reinvent myself week to week. I get quite bored with things and I don't want to let down my fans.“

—  Lady Gaga American singer, songwriter, and actress 1986

On Madonna
http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/showbiz/xs/334051/Lady-GaGa-breaks-up-with-LA-entrepreneur-Speedy.html, May 30, 2009.

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„The message I got from my record label at the time — and this was on purpose — was that I wasn't selling enough.“

—  Sophie B. Hawkins American musician 1967

Interviewed by Cathay Che, The Advocate (8 May 2001)
Kontext: The message I got from my record label at the time — and this was on purpose — was that I wasn't selling enough. Even when the single was a hit, it wasn't enough of a hit — I never got to number 1; I only got to number 5. And MTV didn't like the first video for the song, and we had to do another one. So I never felt anything except how bad I was and like, "Oh, shame on you!"

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„I was studying tourism at college and wanted to travel the world as a tour guide – that was my dream! But actually sometimes modeling feels quite similar, because I travel so much – probably even more than tour guiding.“

—  Liu Wen (model) Chinese model 1988

Zdroj: "Liu Wen Talks Style, Diversity And What It Means To Be China’s First Supermodel" in Marie Claire https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/fashion-news/liu-wen-interview-china-s-first-supermodel-talks-style-diversity-and-her-mango-campaign-15375 (3 March 2016)

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„Music for me is life, I stay in my studio until ten or eleven at night and I record every day. Not for money or for albums - I just compose music.“

—  Vangelis Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music 1943

New Sounds
John Schaefer
June 1985

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„Singing is something I’ve always wanted to do but I just want to be my own person, not to copy anyone else. I’d just like to be really famous.“

—  Taylor Horn American musician and actor 1992

On becoming her own person as a professional musician.
Malvern Gaz http://www.webcitation.org/query?id=1256525759902277&url=www.geocities.com/thecoolchip03/malverngaz.htm article, unidentified issue

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