„I started watching reality shows and being horrified at people signing up to be humiliated in front of the entire country. … I saw one show, The Amazing Race, in which people were eating spicy soup and vomiting and crying. Why would you do that? Also, I was fascinated by these actors and actresses who would sign up to be followed around by cameras in their life. You become a celebrity, not because of your work or what you do, but because you have no privacy. I've been careful to keep my life separate because it's important to me to have privacy and for my life not to be a marketing device for a movie or a TV show. It's worth more than that. I'm worth more than that.“

Guardian interview (2006)

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Lisa Kudrowová fotka
Lisa Kudrowová
americká herečka, dabérka, komička a spisovateľka 1963

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Jerry Springer fotka
Rubén Blades fotka

„There's a moment in everybody's life...where you have more past than future, and then you better start organizing your time. So I thought maybe this is the time to do this. I'm not keen on people following me and recording my life and asking personal questions and what-not, but I figured I had to do it.“

—  Rubén Blades Panamanian musician, singer, composer, actor, activist, and politician 1948

Zdroj: On the documentary Ruben Blades Is Not My Name in "Inside Ruben Blades: New Documentary Showcases the Man Behind the Music" https://afropop.org/articles/inside-ruben-blades-new-documentary-showcases-the-man-behind-the-music in Afropop Worldwide (2018 Apr 10)

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Bertrand Russell fotka

„"I don't want to! Why should I?"
"Because more people will be happier if you do than if you don't."
"So what? I don't care about other people."
"You should."
"But why?"
"Because more people will be happier if you do than if you don't."“

—  Bertrand Russell logician, one of the first analytic philosophers and political activist 1872 - 1970

Dialogue between Russell and his daughter Katharine, as quoted in My Father – Bertrand Russell (1975)
Attributed from posthumous publications

Bill Hicks fotka
Debbie Reynolds fotka

„I just think my life's been really blessed, because being in show business I've met wonderful people and I've traveled all over the world…I ain't down yet, and I've had a wonderful life, and I still have more life to go.“

—  Debbie Reynolds American actress, singer, and dancer 1932 - 2016

On being in show business (as quoted in “FLASHBACK: Debbie Reynolds Recalls Poor Upbringing and How Gene Kelly Helped Her Career in Early ET Interviews” https://www.etonline.com/news/206086_debbie_reynolds_recalls_poor_upbringing_and_how_gene_kelly_helped_her_career_early_et_interviews (ET Online; 2016 Dec 29)

Fyodor Dostoyevsky fotka
Pete Seeger fotka

„And because I love you
I'll give it one more try
To show my rainbow race
It's too soon to die.“

—  Pete Seeger American folk singer 1919 - 2014

"My Rainbow Race" (1967)
Kontext: One blue sky above us
One ocean lapping all our shore
One earth so green and round
Who could ask for more
And because I love you
I'll give it one more try
To show my rainbow race
It's too soon to die.

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