„Of all human activities, writing is the one for which it is easiest to find excuses not to begin – the desk's too big, the desk's too small, there's too much noise, there's too much quiet, it's too hot, it's too cold, too early, too late. I had learned over the years to ignore them all and simply to start.“

—  Robert Harris, Ch. 9.
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Robert Harris9
novelist 1957

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„Out of too much learning become mad.“

—  Robert Burton English scholar 1577 - 1640
Section 4, member 1, subsection 2.

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„I… know how much easier it is to lean on an arm of flesh than on the Lord; but I have learned too how much less safe it is.“

—  James Hudson Taylor Missionary in China 1832 - 1905
(A.J. Broomhall. Hudson Taylor and China’s Open Century, Book Four: Survivors’ Pact. London: Hodder and Stoughton and Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 1984, 346).

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