„It is with regret that I pronounce the fatal truth: Louis must die, so that the country may live.“

Original French: Je prononce à regret cette fatale vérité... mais Louis doit mourir, parce qu'il faut que la patrie vive.
Speech to the National Convention http://www.royet.org/nea1789-1794/archives/journal_debats/an/1792/convention_1792_12_03.htm on the judgment of Louis XVI (3 December 1792)

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Maximilien Robespierre fotka
Maximilien Robespierre1
francúzsky revolučný politik 1758 - 1794

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Maximilien Robespierre fotka
Oscar Wilde fotka

„And the wild regrets, and the bloody sweats,
None knew so well as I:
For he who lives more lives than one
More deaths than one must die.“

—  Oscar Wilde, kniha The Ballad of Reading Gaol

Pt. III, st. 35
The Ballad of Reading Gaol (1898)

J. Sheridan Le Fanu fotka
Erik Naggum fotka

„A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I regret that this isn't fatal.“

—  Erik Naggum Norwegian computer programmer 1965 - 2009

Re: unibyte http://groups.google.com/group/gnu.emacs.help/msg/d767a45084444a5a (Usenet article).
Usenet articles, Miscellaneous

Oscar Wilde fotka
Jorge Rafael Videla fotka

„As many people as necessary must die in Argentina so that the country will again be secure.“

—  Jorge Rafael Videla Argentinian President 1925 - 2013

Videla in 1975, as quoted in Adam Bernstein (May 17 2013). "Jorge Rafael Videla, ruthless Argentine junta leader, dies at 87". The Washington Post.

Plutarch fotka
D.H. Lawrence fotka

„I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.“

—  D.H. Lawrence English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter 1885 - 1930

Pope Sixtus V fotka

„While I live, every criminal must die.“

—  Pope Sixtus V pope 1520 - 1590

Reported in Will and Ariel Durant, Age of Reason Begins: Volume 7 (1961), p. 240.

William Shakespeare fotka

„I must be gone and live, or stay and die.“

—  William Shakespeare, kniha Romeo and Juliet

Zdroj: Romeo and Juliet

Wallace Stevens fotka

„Are the ravishments of truth, so fatal to
The truth itself, the first idea becomes
The hermit in a poet’s metaphors“

—  Wallace Stevens American poet 1879 - 1955

Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction (1942), It Must Be Abstract
Kontext: p>So poisonousAre the ravishments of truth, so fatal to
The truth itself, the first idea becomes
The hermit in a poet’s metaphors,Who comes and goes and comes and goes all day.</p

Hyman George Rickover fotka

„I do not have regrets. I believe I helped preserve the peace for this country. Why should I regret that?“

—  Hyman George Rickover United States admiral 1900 - 1986

Thoughts on Man's Purpose in Life (1974), Exchange with Admiral Rickover (1982)
Kontext: I do not have regrets. I believe I helped preserve the peace for this country. Why should I regret that? What I accomplished was approved by Congress — which represents our people. All of you live in safety from domestic enemies because of security from the police. Likewise, you live in safety from foreign enemies because our military keeps them from attacking us. Nuclear technology was already under development in other countries. My assigned responsibility was to develop our nuclear navy. I managed to accomplish this.

Achille Mbembe fotka

„The ultimate expression of sovereignty resides, to a large degree, in the power and the capacity to dictate who may live and who must die.“

—  Achille Mbembe Cameroonian political scientist 1957

Zdroj: "Necropolitics," as translated by Libby Meintjes, Public Culture, Volume 15, Number 1, Winter 2003, pp. 11-40

Robert Jordan fotka

„The only way to live is to die. I must die. I deserve only death.“

—  Robert Jordan American writer 1948 - 2007

Lews Therin Telamon
(15 October 1994)

Alexandre Dumas fotka
Alfredo Rocco fotka

„The nation that refuses to behave nationalistically, when all the other nations are doing so, is fatally destined to die.“

—  Alfredo Rocco Italian politician and jurist 1875 - 1935

“L'ora del nazionalismo” (“Nationalism's hour”), 1919 essay in Alfredo Rocco’s Scritti e discorsi politici, Milan: Giuffrè. Vol. 2, (1938) p. 507

George Gordon Byron fotka
Christopher Marlowe fotka
Jack Kerouac fotka
G. I. Gurdjieff fotka

„A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake.“

—  G. I. Gurdjieff influential spiritual teacher, Armenian philosopher, composer and writer 1866 - 1949

In Search of the Miraculous (1949)

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