„The prison has become a black hole into which the detritus of contemporary capitalism is deposited. Mass imprisonment generates profits as it devours social wealth, and thus it tends to reproduce the very conditions that lead people to prison. There are thus real and often quite complicated connections between the deindustrialization of the economy—a process that reached its peak during the 1980s—and the rise of mass imprisonment, which also began to spiral during the Reagan-Bush era. However, the demand for more prisons was represented to the public in simplistic terms. More prisons were needed because there was more crime. Yet many scholars have demonstrated that by the time the prison construction boom began, official crime statistics were already falling.“

—  Angela Davisová, Are Prisons Obsolete?

Zdroj: Are Prisons Obsolete? (2003), Chapter One

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Timothy McVeigh fotka
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fotka
Angela Davis fotka
Charles Dickens fotka

„Provision of condoms also sends the message that sex between prisoners is OK - yet abstinence is part and parcel of a prison sentence.“

—  Stewart Leggett Australian politician 1944

HIV/AIDS - Hepatitis B Inquiry (Part II): Dissenting Statement by Mr Stewart Leggett MP (1997)

Gideon Levy fotka

„Political prisoners, detention without trial and unlimited imprisonment define tyranny.“

—  Gideon Levy Israeli journalist 1953

In a Democracy, Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar Would Be Free (June 21, 2018)
Kontext: Jarrar could end up spending the rest of her life in prison; there is no legal impediment to this since all the pathetic arguments used to justify her continued detention could be deemed valid indefinitely. If she’s dangerous today, she’s dangerous forever. Political prisoners, detention without trial and unlimited imprisonment define tyranny.

Angela Davis fotka
Angela Davis fotka
Angela Davis fotka

„Most prisoners are perfectly mentally healthy compared with the paranoia of prison officials.“

—  Ian Brady British serial killer, perpetrator of the Moors murders 1938 - 2017

Article, Evening Standard, Tue 25 June 2013, pp.1-4

Jay Leiderman fotka

„Prisoners do get shafted at every opportunity by BOP. Well, not every defendant; there are a few exceptions. But for the most part, BOP isn’t there to be nice to prisoners. They’re there to imprison them.“

—  Jay Leiderman lawyer 1971

As stated in The Sabu Effect: An Interview with Jay Leiderman BY RAINCOASTER on AUGUST 22, 2014 http://thecryptosphere.com/2014/08/22/the-sabu-effect-an-interview-with-jay-leiderman/

Angela Davis fotka
Warren Farrell fotka
Paul LePage fotka

„I apologize to Jewish Americans if they feel offended. But I also apologize to Japanese Americans that were put in prison during World War II, and I also apologize to those people that were accused of being communists during McCarthyism, because that's not the American way.“

—  Paul LePage American businessman, Republican Party politician, and the 74th Governor of Maine 1948

About LePage's statements on the IRS. As quoted by Seven Days. http://7d.blogs.com/blurt/2012/07/maine-gov-paul-lepage-doubles-down-on-gestapo-comment-after-brock-fundraiser.html (July 12, 2012)

Henry David Thoreau fotka
William Wordsworth fotka

„In truth the prison, unto which we doom
Ourselves, no prison is.“

—  William Wordsworth English Romantic poet 1770 - 1850

Nuns Fret Not, l. 8 (1806).

Angelus Silesius fotka
Muhammad bin Qasim fotka

„At Brahmanabad, after many people were killed, “all prisoners of or under the age of 30 years were put in chains… All the other people capable of bearing arms were beheaded and their followers and dependents were made prisoners.”“

—  Muhammad bin Qasim Umayyad general 695 - 715

Chachnama, in Lal, K. S. (1994). Muslim slave system in medieval India. New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan. Chapter 3
Quotes from The Chach Nama

„We don't need to build more prisons! We must build more graveyards!“

—  Luiz Carlos Alborghetti Italian-Brazilian radio commenter, showman and political figure 1945 - 2009

Originál: (pt) Não precisamos construir mais cadeias! Temos de construir mais cemitérios!
Originál: (pt) Source: [9 December 2009, Morre Luiz Carlos Alborghetti, dono do bordão 'bandido bom é bandido morto', https://extra.globo.com/tv-e-lazer/morre-luiz-carlos-alborghetti-dono-do-bordao-bandido-bom-bandido-morto-209786.html, Portuguese, Extra, Editora Globo S/A, 31 March 2019]

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