„I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present.“

Zdroj: 1980s, p. 2

Donald Trump fotka
Donald Trump1
nemecký americký priemyselník, televízna osobnosť, politik 1946

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Tennessee Williams fotka
Farah Pahlavi fotka

„I try to forget about the bitter past as I [also] recommend for my fellow countrymen. I do not live in the past, I live in the present, always hoping for a brighter future. This is my message to all my countrymen.“

—  Farah Pahlavi Empress of Iran 1938

Interview: Farah Pahlavi Recalls 30 Years In Exile http://www.rferl.org/content/Interview_Farah_Pahlavi_Recalls_30_Years_In_Exile/2111354.html, Radio Free Europe, (July 27, 2010).

Wilfred Thesiger fotka
Philippe Kahn fotka

„Too many are focused on rewriting the past, invent the future!“

—  Philippe Kahn Entrepreneur, camera phone creator 1952

Comments made in a speech at the computer museum regarding the energy spent in Silicon Valley at managing perception as opposed to creating new technology.

Jim Butcher fotka
Ned Kelly fotka
T.S. Eliot fotka
Fernando Pessoa fotka

„I always live in the present. The future I can't know. The past I no longer have.“

—  Fernando Pessoa, kniha The Book of Disquiet

Ibid., p. 118
The Book of Disquiet
Originál: Vivo sempre no presente. O futuro, não o conheço. O passado, já o não tenho.

„There was no future and no past. The present was eternity.“

—  Arnold M. Ludwig

Statement about perceptions he experienced in early clinical experiments with LSD. How Do We Know Who We Are? : A Biography of the Self (1997)

Dan Millman fotka
Edmund Burke fotka

„You can never plan the future by the past.“

—  Edmund Burke Anglo-Irish statesman 1729 - 1797

Letter to a Member of the National Assembly (1791)
A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly (1791)

Cary Grant fotka

„I never dwell on past mistakes… There is too much to plan for the future to waste time complaining.“

—  Cary Grant British-American film and stage actor 1904 - 1986

Kontext: I never dwell on past mistakes… There is too much to plan for the future to waste time complaining.  Elsie Mendl was a great friend of mine for many, many years. And I remember the creed by which she lived: Never complain, never explain. Just think of the people you know who are always explaining their mistakes. It merely rubs the whole thing in. You’re reminded again of the mistake. And no one believes the explanation anyway.

Arthur C. Clarke fotka
Danny Tidwell fotka

„The ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story, we’re so past that. I have a very deep respect for art, but I also think we have a lot to learn from pop culture. And that is the future. Either you can ignore it and be stuck in the past, or you can learn from it.“

—  Danny Tidwell American dancer 1984

In response to critics and ballet fans who say Tidwell "sold-out" by auditioning on So You Think You Can Dance
La Rocco Claudia. "TV Viewers Discover Dance, and the Debate Is Joined" http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/21/arts/dance/21revo.html?ref=dance#, The New York Times, September 21, 2007

Eleanor Roosevelt fotka

„We face the future fortified with the lessons we have learned from the past. It is today that we must create the world of the future.“

—  Eleanor Roosevelt American politician, diplomat, and activist, and First Lady of the United States 1884 - 1962

Zdroj: Tomorrow Is Now (1963), p. xv
Kontext: We face the future fortified with the lessons we have learned from the past. It is today that we must create the world of the future. Spinoza, I think, pointed out that we ourselves can make experience valuable when, by imagination and reason, we turn it into foresight.

Heath Ledger fotka

„I'm not good at future planning. I don't plan at all. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. I don't have a day planner and I don't have a diary. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future.“

—  Heath Ledger Australian actor 1979 - 2008

Celebetty: Heath Ledger: The Patriot Interview http://www.beatboxbetty.com/celebetty/heathledger/heathledger.htm, about his role in The Patriot, published at BeatBoxBetty.com (2000).
Varianta: I'm not good at future planning. I don't plan at all. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. I don't have a day planner and I don't have a diary. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future.

John Irving fotka

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