„Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny.“

'Be-Bop Tango (Of the Old Jazzmen's Church)
Roxy & Elsewhere (1974)
Varianta: Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny

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Frank Zappa fotka
Frank Zappa5
1940 - 1993

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Tom Waits fotka
Cyril Connolly fotka

„The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet.“

—  Cyril Connolly British author 1903 - 1974

Edward Thomas, "Early One Morning" from Poems (1917) http://www.richmondreview.co.uk/library/thomas04.html#five

T.C. Boyle fotka
Jim Morrison fotka

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll have his bones to grind my bread.“

—  Joseph Jacobs, kniha English Fairy Tales

said by the ogre or giant. Now rendered as I'll grind his bones to make my bread.
English Fairy Tales (1890), Preface to English Fairy Tales, Jack and the Beanstalk

Rick Riordan fotka

„The dead aren't scary. They are just sad.“

—  Rick Riordan, kniha The Lightning Thief

Zdroj: The Lightning Thief

Chuck Palahniuk fotka
Nalo Hopkinson fotka
Chuck Palahniuk fotka
Rick Riordan fotka

„He just raised the dead with coke and cheeseburgers“

—  Rick Riordan, kniha The Battle of the Labyrinth

Varianta: He just summoned the dead with coke and cheeseburgers
Zdroj: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Phil Ochs fotka

„God isn't dead — he's just missing in action.“

—  Phil Ochs American protest singer and songwriter 1940 - 1976

Zdroj: The Broadside Tapes 1 (made in the 1960s; published c. 1980), Liner notes

Libba Bray fotka
Steve Jobs fotka

„The Japanese have hit the shores like dead fish. They're just like dead fish washing up on the shores.“

—  Steve Jobs American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc. 1955 - 2011

As quoted in Playboy (February 1985)

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P. J. O'Rourke fotka
Kathy Reichs fotka
Cassandra Clare fotka
Chadwick Boseman fotka

„The best advice about getting older? Just be thankful you’re not dead!“

—  Chadwick Boseman American actor 1976 - 2020

Zdroj: GQ Roundtable (2014)
Ref: en.wikiquote.org - Chadwick Boseman / Quotes / GQ Roundtable (2014)

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