„Allow me to translate, Twitchtip said, not even bothering to move. "She said if you don't stop your incessant babble, that big rat sitting in the boat next to you will rip your head off.“

—  Suzanne Collinsová, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

Zdroj: Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

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Suzanne Collinsová4
americká spisovateľka a televízna scenáristka 1962

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„I'm just a sucker even talking to you guys. I should be ready to rip your heads off your necks. But it's just not the right thing to do.“

—  Mike Tyson American boxer 1966

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„The problem is all inside your head, she said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free
There must be fifty ways to leave your lover.“

—  Paul Simon American musician, songwriter and producer 1941

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Song lyrics, Still Crazy After All These Years (1975)

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John Greenleaf Whittier fotka

„Shoot, if you must, this old gray head,
But spare your country's flag," she said.“

—  John Greenleaf Whittier American Quaker poet and advocate of the abolition of slavery 1807 - 1892

Barbara Frietchie (1863); reported in Diane Ravitch, The American Reader: words that moved a nation (2000), p. 259. The lines are based on an folkloric account of the real Barbara Fritchie, said to have made a similar challenge to Confederate invaders of Maryland during the American Civil War.

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„Don't bother me, I said. I'm the night manager of this office and when I tell you something it's final.“

—  William Saroyan American writer 1908 - 1981

Hello Out There (1941)
Kontext: When, at the age of eighteen, I was the manager of the Postal Telegraph office at 21 Taylor Street in San Francisco, I remember having been asked by the clerk there, a man named Clifford, who the hell I thought I was. And I remember replying very simply and earnestly somewhat as follows: If you have ever heard of George Bernard Shaw, if you have ever read his plays or prefaces, you will know what I mean when I tell you that I am that man by another name.
Who is he? I remember the clerk asking.
George Bernard Shaw, I replied, is the tonic of the Christian peoples of the world. He is health, wisdom, and comedy, and that's what I am too.
How do you figure? The clerk said.
Don't bother me, I said. I'm the night manager of this office and when I tell you something it's final.

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