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Leszek Kołakowski

Dátum narodenia: 23. október 1927
Dátum úmrtia: 17. júl 2009


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„Fascist was, by definition, a person who happened to have been in jail in a communist country.“

— Leszek Kolakowski
Context: When I collect my experiences, I notice that fascist is a person who holds one of the following beliefs (by way of example): 1) That people should wash themselves, rather than go dirty; 2) that freedom of the press in America is preferable to the ownership of the whole press by one ruling party; 3) that people should not be jailed for their opinions. both communist and anti-communist - 4), that racial criteria, in favour of either whites or blacks, are inadvisable in admission to Universities; 5 ) that torture is condemnable, no matter who applies it. (Roughly speaking "fascist" was the same as "liberal".) Fascist was, by definition, a person who happened to have been in jail in a communist country. The refugees from Czechoslovakia in 1968 were sometimes met in Germany by very progressive and absolutely revolutionary leftists with placards saying "fascism will not pass". "My Correct Views on Everything" (1974)

„Marxism has been the greatest fantasy of our century.“

— Leszek Kolakowski
Context: Marxism has been the greatest fantasy of our century. It was a dream offering the prospect of a society of perfect unity, in which all human aspirations would be fulfilled and all values reconciled. Epilogue, p. 1206

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