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Hilary Putnam

Dátum narodenia: 31. júl 1926
Dátum úmrtia: 13. marec 2016

Hilary Putnam bol americký matematik, informatik a filozof, predstaviteľ analytickej filozofie a postmodernej filozofie, profesor na Harvardovej univerzite. Wikipedia

„The real significance of the Russell paradox, from the standpoint of the modal-logic picture, is this: it shows that no concrete structure can be a standard model for the naive conception of the totality of all sets; for any concrete structure has a possible extension that contains more 'sets.'“

—  Hilary Putnam

"Mathematics without foundations"
Zdroj: Philosophical Papers Volume 1: Mathematics, Matter, and Method (1975, 1979)
Kontext: (If we identify sets with the points that represent them in the various possible concrete structures, we might say: it is not possible for all possible sets to exist in any one world!) Yet set theory does not become impossible. Rather, set theory becomes the study of what must hold in, e.g. any standard model for Zermelo set theory.

„What we are left with, if what I have said so far is right, is a conclusion that I initially found very distressing: either GRW or some successor, or else Bohm or some successor, is the correct interpretation—or, to include a third possibility to please Itamar Pitowski, we will just fail to find a scientific realist interpretation which is acceptable.“

—  Hilary Putnam

And the ghost of Bohr will laugh, and say, ‘I told you all along that the human mind cannot produce a realist interpretation of quantum mechanics’!
"A philosopher looks at quantum mechanics (again)", Brit. J. Phil. Sci. 56 (2005), 615–634

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