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Hermann Grassmann

Dátum narodenia: 15. apríl 1809
Dátum úmrtia: 26. september 1877

Hermann Günther Grassmann was a German polymath, known in his day as a linguist and now also as a mathematician. He was also a physicist, neohumanist, general scholar, and publisher. His mathematical work was little noted until he was in his sixties. Wikipedia

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„I define as a unit any magnitude that can serve for the numerical derivation of a series of magnitudes, and in particular I call such a unit an original unit if it is not derivable from another unit. The unit of numbers, that is one, I call the absolute unit, all others relative.“

—  Hermann Grassmann

Zero can never be a unit.
Definition 3. Part 1. The Elementary Conjunctions of Extensive Magnitudes. Ch. 1. Addition, Subtraction, Multiples and Fractions of Extensive Magnitudes. 1. Concepts and laws of calculation. Extension Theory Hermann Grassman, History of Mathematics (2000) Vol. 19 Tr. Lloyd C. Kannenberg, American Mathematical Society, London Mathematical Society
Ausdehnungslehre (1844)

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